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ISRAEL SINGAPORE Cross border Co-Accelerator Platform

EthAum Venture Partners.jpg

MIW x EthAum Venture

a unique program for Israeli startups

The Program helps Israeli startups expand and raise money in the Singaporean/Asian & India.

Selected companies will participate our 6 months program in Singapore.

  • SG ranks 2nd in the world for Ease of Doing Business

  • ASEAN’s GDP is forecast to reach $5.2 Trillion in 2025

  • ASEAN account for 7% of global exports, 4th WW

  • Poised to become the fourth-largest market by 2030

  • 5M+ are projected to join ASEAN workforce by 2030

  • In last 10 yrs, ASEAN startups received $115B funding

  • ASEAN's internet economy to hit $300 billion by 2025

  • 5 Months Virtual & 1 Month on-Site

  • Focuses on customer and partner acquisition in Asia

  • 1x1 interactions with Policy Makers (ESG, EDB etc), Enterprises (Philips, Nvidia, SAP, Intel, Schneider, Bosch, Oracle etc), Investors (SGInnovate, Jungle, Quadria, Vertex, Sequoia etc), Research Centers etc

  • Promotes sales and penetration to Singapore and India (GTM, Distribution, Channel, Sales etc)

  • Access to VCs, Angels and Family offices

  • Investment : Upto 75K$ - 300K$




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