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San Francisco

June 18, 2024


New York

July 10,  2024



September 24,  2024


 JUNE 4, 2024

Medical Device

 June 11, 2024

Big Data, SaaS, AI, Enterprise and Fintech

 JUNE 27, 2024

Food tech,  Agri Tech, Climate and Sustainability

 jULY 2, 2024

Digital Health and Health Care


Media tech / Broadcast

The company with $10.4M investment record.
Fast growing startup with a SaaS solution that aim to replace the traditional on-premise hardware & software infrastructure.
It enable broadcasters to operate, launch and manage new and existing channels .  

Expected ARR to 2024 $8m.
The company is raising $10m to scale in the US.



Great startup with $5M investment record pre-A round.
The company developed and able to elucidate new bio-active sites highly specific to target pest, and virtually scan billions of chemical compounds  to rapidly predict the most suitable low-tox/cost-effective/environmentally-safe/ registrable/ soluble  bio-active compounds. 

They company have LOIs from Bayer, Syngenta and other market leaders.

Big Data

Promising B2B SaaS startup  with $3.2M investment record.
Simplifying Big Data Analytics & Gen AI Data preparation pipelines; enable BI/AI analysts gets the Big data insights in hours.
The company just signed contracts with two goverments entities (The  Israeli post office and the national railroad ) and finalyzing contract with tear 1 US bank, for ~$1m yearly income.
The company is raising $3m late seed round to expend in the US.




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